Shelters/Glass canopy

Glass small roofs are an aesthetic and luxurious way of roofing the entry to the building. They are protecting from the bad weather keeping their appearance through a lot of use. We are making our glass small roofs exclusively of the toughened and laminate glass. For the laminating we apply foils Eva or PVB which can be colourless, matte, colourful or with printouts. The thickness of glass is being calculated individually to parameters which are a size and a way of the assembly of roofing to the building. So that the glass roof fulfils its protective role should be wider than the entrance hole for 1 metre minimum. Depth should be 0.8-1.5 metre, and the lowest point should be at 2.4 m level from base. The inclination angle of shelter should not cross 22.5 degrees.


We apply thicknesses of glass by 13.6 mm - 17.6 mm - clear glass - glass float - glass optiwhite (faded glass - white) - coloured in mass (graphite, bronze, green) - ornamental - with the matte, colourless, colourful foil, with the printout

Types of assembly systems

- stay steel and fixing of glass point - steel beams - steel constructions

example 1

example 2

example 3

example 4