Glass balustrades

Welcome to our range of Glass Balustade Systems.All balustrades are manufactured individual to your requirments.Huge range of glass clams, posts, handrails and fitting in different styles.Ideal for internal and external applications. Balustrade with or without handrail suitable for balconies, patios, decking and commercial including Bars, Restaurants etc. Balustrades with glass and framless balustrades are most popular. This is a high-tech solution and very practical for security reasons. We are fixing glass point-wise, clamps and in profiles of the Easy system Glass. We apply the VSG laminated glass i.e. safe and ESG toughened glass depending on the type of the balustrade, thickness by 6 mm up to 24 mm. Customers most often decide on the colourless, milk or graphite glass.

Our balustrade systems:

Glass stainless steel balustrade with round tubes/frame. Price from £ 170.00 per metre inc. VAT with square tubes/frame. Price from £185.00 per metre inc. VAT. Frameless glass channel balustrade. Price from £320.00 per metre inc. VAT.

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* 304stainless steel indoor, 316 stainless steel outdoor * safety glass, toughened glass, frosted glass, clear glass, coloured glass, laminated glass *42.4mm. diameter posts *42.4mm. diameter handrail